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Training cats

Training cats: many tips on teaching a domestic cat! Do you think that a cat will obey an rule just because you said to? You could not be farther from reality! Despite their impressive intelligence, and their stunning ability to learn, teaching something to a cat may not be so simple, you need a technique, the right times and the right attitude! We will discover how to train a cat , or rather, how to teach a cat to use the litter box, to not use the couch as a scratching post or scratch furniture, and get them used to not getting on the kitchen table and many other tricks on how to house train cat.

Communicating with the feline world is possible, levering their acuity but never their servility yields excellent results, but each breed has a particular predisposition to perform a certain number of “commands”, and we will help you understand what these commands are and how to teach them. We will also talk about those who teaches to cats to ‘work’, and we will try to get as many tips as possible.

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