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Cats what a passion! The cat (Felis catus) is a mammal that is beloved throughout the world. There are about 50 cat breeds, each of which has physical and behavioral features that are unique and extraordinary. We will offer many useful tips and satisfy your curiosity about our incredible kitties for all cat lovers! We uncover all feline breeds and tackle the most interesting issues around these wonderful pets.

We will then talk about feeding cats, how to take care of kittens, how to train cats and so much more information on domestic cats and their personalities. We will go back to their origins, to the ancient breeds that, breeding them together, gave life to beautiful new categories. We will discover what breed is best suited to our needs taking into account their needs, and we will understand, once more, that a cat is not a simple pet, and getting a house cat means having to deal with an extraordinary well defined personality every day.